Antioch Computer Application Specialist (ACAS)

Certification Program Introduction
This is a program that includes an integrated curriculum totaling over 150 hours of instruction. Completing this Certificate program represents a major personal achievement and indicates to employers a serious commitment to lifelong learning and professional advancement. This program will provide in-depth study to prepare individuals for new careers or advancement within their current profession. This Curricula is designed to address a full range of applications, allowing students to develop a fundamental knowledge of the field as well as study specialized individual topics. Student course work is thoroughly evaluated and out-of-class assignments will be required.

Certification Enrollment Procedure
In order for a student to enroll in this certification program they must apply by filing an application for candidacy. This form will signify the intent of the student to complete the entire program and receive the Certification upon successful completion.

To apply please fill out the ACAS Application. By completing this application you signify your intent to complete the certification program.

ACAS Application for Candidacy
Please provide the following information:

First name
Last name
Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Work Phone
Home Phone

Why are you chosing to enroll in this program?

How would you describe your current level of computer skills?

What computer applications are you most interested in learning?