professional experience

vcccd_logo Ventura County Community College District
Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
July 2018 to Present (Job Description)
Primary Responsibilities:
Currently plan, organize, control, and integrate information technology activities and operations, including the analysis, design, programming, and maintenance of applications systems; installation and maintenance of District computer and voice communications network systems; and the installation and repair of computer equipment. Oversee, plan, and coordinate data and telecommunication network systems design and the installation, implementation, and conversion to new programs and hardware; consult with manufacturer’s representatives to define equipment needs; perform analyses and present proposals for major purchases of hardware and software. Develop long-term strategic technology plans for the District; provide direction and input relative to campus technology plans, operations, and application needs.

SBCC_logo_red Santa Barbara City College
Director – Information Technology Infrastructure & Systems
June 2008 to June 2018 (Job Description)
Primary Responsibilities:
Currently plan, organize, control and direct operations in support of college-wide initiatives involving technology infrastructure and systems; provide leadership for research, acquisition, development, design, operation, and implementation of enterprise software applications; coordinate the deployment and maintenance of computers, network and multimedia technology systems and related hardware and software; coordinate and direct resources, related procurement functions, personnel and communications to meet College technology needs and assure smooth and efficient activities; supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel.

Director – Banner Implementation
August 2005 to June 2008
Primary Responsibilities:
Provided leadership for the Ellucian (previously owned by SCT & Sungard) Banner implementation. Banner is an Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) software application that includes core modules for finance, human resources, financial aid, and a student information system. Developed and used project plans, presentations, cost projections, budget tracking, management tools, training plans, and support structures. Created and fostered relationships with third-party vendors, consultants, and key decision-makers. Led coordination and oversight efforts for consultants, and in-depth business process analysis.

Director – Student Technology Support
August 2001 to August 2005 (Job Description)
Primary Responsibilities:
Managed the operations of the student technical support department. Implemented and provided training, project plans, and budgets for the learning management system, campus portal, Online College, student computer labs, and the student information system.
Supervision of Student Support Specialists, Instructional Computer Lab Supervisors, and Instructional Computer Lab Coordinators. Served as the Educational Programs technical resource for faculty and staff and as a technical liaison to Deans Council and the Information Technology Department.

ndic-logoNew Direction in Computing
Vice President of Operations
October 1997 to May 2001
Primary Responsibilities:
Recruited, directed, motivated, and trained employees; maintained server and client systems; provided leadership in business negotiations, contracts, and client meetings; managed all aspects of information technology development; developed and implemented customized client support and training throughout the project lifecycle.

navy-logoUnited States Navy
Quartermaster (QM2)
1986 to 1994 (3 years active, 3 years reserve, 2 years inactive reserve)
Primary Responsibilities:
Provided planning and oversight for major deployments using navigational pre-intended movement methods and timelines. Programmed, maintained, and utilized navigational equipment, including GPS, LORAN-C, Omega, Radar Systems, Fathometer, Marine Sextants, Magnetic, and Electronic Compasses. Earned numerous certificates and awards. Served aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). Honorable Discharge after 8 years of service.